Private Duty Services

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When you decide to use our services, we arrange our own field case manager to meet with you at no cost. This visit will cover an in-depth assessment of you or your loved one’s diagnosis, medical condition, special needs, and goals of the service, as well as the appropriate assistance needed.

The scope of our services will be elaborated, questions shall be answered, and concerns will be addressed. We will be there to help with important care decisions so that you will be assured that this is the right home care company for you.

Level of Services

We provide personalized services to custom-match the plan of care our clients need. From a 2-hour visit to 24-hour care, we take great pride in meeting and exceeding your expectations. We offer a wide range of home care services to help improve your quality of life.

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2-Hour Visit

A 2-hour visit is care that is provided within 2 hours or less. This type of service is generally helpful for clients whose needs are minimal and could be accomplished within a short time period, such as:


  • Bathing and grooming, preparing breakfast, and assisting in meds
  • Preparing lunch, assisting in meds, and assisting with bathroom breaks
  • Preparing supper, assisting in meds, and tucking into bed at night

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Hourly Care

Most of our clients benefit from hourly care. This is especially helpful for those who are alone at home during the day. Our caregivers maximize this time by preparing at least two meals, giving medications, bathing and grooming, assuring safety precautions, and providing active companionship with their client.

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24-Hour Continuous Care

Continuous care is most beneficial to clients whose needs and safety are critical at any given time of the day. Regular assigned caregivers are scheduled to ensure continuity of care. This allows our caregivers to establish a strong rapport with their clients. For this reason, our continuous care strategy provides the best and most efficient care that our clients deserve.

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Live-In Care

Live-in care is the most extensive yet economical approach to receive care. By providing for the meals and lodging of a caregiver, the client can have the benefit of a personal caregiver with you at all times. Live-in care is perfect for a client whose family or support system lives in another city or state. This is also the best and most comfortable alternative instead of residing in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

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Respite or PRN (As Needed Only) Care

When the need for a caregiver is only temporary, short-term, or of irregular schedules, the respite care or PRN care option is the most considered. This is very flexible care for families who will only need a caregiver to cover some hours while they go out shopping, attend a wedding, or even take a weekend trip. Some clients also acquire this service to help recover after being discharged from the hospital.